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QMI Environmental: Renewable Energy Products and Services 

Over the past decade, many large corporations, small businesses and homeowners are moving forward with the use of green renewable energy products and services in order to reduce waste and save money while securely protecting our natural resources. With the availability of proven green renewable energy products, it has become the sensible thing to do.

Our mission is to help our clients find the most practical and aesthetically desirable way to save energy while keeping their investments solid. By implementing these green renewable energy products into home and businesses, we can make a difference for the future while enjoying our lives in the present.

Green Modular House Plans

GreenPod® compact modular homes are sustainably built, utilizing house plans that preserve the carbon footprint of the lot or location in which they are placed. These expertly designed LEED Certified homes are built for energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and sustainability.Read More

Custom Solar Photovoltaic Panels

These pre-manufactured solar photovoltaic panels are delivered to the project site ready to power-up with minimal site preparation or construction. They arrive pre-assembled into modular units so that no assembly is required on the project site.Read More

LED Lights

Using LED Lights in your home or business will not only save you energy and leave a smaller carbon footprint on the environment , but it can help you to re-direct money back into your budget that is currently used to pay for monthly electricity and maintenance.Read More

Solar Skylights

Solar Skylights operate completely on the sun's solar energy. No wiring or switches - just free light with all the positive benefits of natural lighting. The high-impact acrylic dome captures sunlight on the roof during the daylight hours. QMI offers two styles to accommodate all roof pitches including flat roofs.Read More

Energy Audit

One of the best energy saving tools available today is an extensive energy audit. Whether you are interested in tracking your energy savings for existing projects or simply want to know where your money is going, a solid energy audit combined with a comprehensive energy savings plan can you’re your company to make those critical energy asset decisions.Read More

Ionized Water

Make you own pure and healthy alkaline water right in your own home or office. Each Kangen Unit filters out impurities while maintaining the waters’ mineral content. Say “goodbye” to unpleasant chlorine taste and “hello” to great tasting water. This machine also makes acidic water which is perfect for cleaning and sanitizing. Read More

QMI Environmental

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