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Solar Photovoltaic Panels

QMI Presents:  Custom Solar Photovoltaic Panels

Ground Mount Solar Energy Systems

Solar Photovoltaic Panels (PV) Arrays are unique, rapid deployment ground mount solar systems ideal for powering a variety of operations including Schools, Event Centers, Corporate Buildings, Brownfields, Agriculture, Transportation and Landfills and other entities requiring alternative energy.  Solar Voltaic Panel products include EV Plug and Go stations, Ups Power and Backup and Remote or Off Grid applications.

Pre-manufactured Solar Racks and Panels

These pre-manufactured solar racks and panels are delivered to the project site ready to power-up with minimal site preparation or construction. They arrive pre-assembled into modular units so that no assembly is required on the project site.

Cost Effective Solar Energy – Installed Virtually Anywhere

The units come complete with all of the components required for solar applications including PV modules, wiring, inverter, and other solar-specific components. Power small projects with one unit or interconnect them up to utility-scale solar farms.

Suggested Uses for Solar Photovoltaic Panels: 

  • Commercial Business - Complete solar arrays ready to power-up on delivery. 
  • Landfills – Ground Mounts, SOILs, Remote
  • Brownfields – Ground Mounts, SOILs, Remote
  • Schools, Public Works - Ground Mounts, Solar EV Plug-N-Go, UPS - Power Back-up, Remote - Off Grid
  • Transportation- Ground Mounts, Solar EV Plug-N-Go, UPS - Power Back-up, Remote - Off Grid
  • Residential - Ground Mounts, Solar EV Plug-N-Go, UPS - Power Back-up, Remote - Off Grid
  • Agriculture - Ground Mounts, Solar EV Plug-N-Go, UPS - Power Back-up, SOILs, Remote - Off Grid

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Solar Photovoltaic Panels are used to run businesses throughout the country. Energy savings are available by strategically placing Solar Photovoltaic panels on
public works sites such as schools, colleges, hospitals, and other public operations.
Solar Photovoltaic Panels can save the energy and save money over the years the home is owned. Large unused land areas at the end of farm acreage or industrial acreage provides the perfect place for Solar Photovoltaic Panels to collect electricity.
Solar Photovoltaic Panels can be set down at the end of acreage to supply electricity
for all electrical farming machinery.
Hybrid cars can fuel up from a Solar Photovoltaic Panel unit and can be set up at gas stations, hotels, or any public works location.

Solar Photovoltaic Panel farms can be set on top of a landfill without
any disturbance, collecting energy for an entire neighborhood.


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