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Green Modular House Plans


QMI Environmental Introduces:  Sustainable Small Footprint House Plans

GreenPod® compact modular homes are sustainably built utilizing house plans that preserve the carbon footprint of the lot or location in which they are placed. These expertly designed LEED Certified homes are built for energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and sustainability.  GreenPod®green-built homes are created for the site, budget, and living style of the individual, integrating innovative designs and artful interiors. Multi-use furnishings, lighting, and windows are utilized to visually enlarge the Pod's living space.

They specialize in sustainable textiles derived from certified organic cotton, hemp, plantation grown bamboo, bio-wool and other natural materials.GreenPod's® interior design package features 100% organic, naturally antimicrobial, biodegradable materials derived from plant fibers.

This attractive selection of textiles comes from suppliers worldwide who are committed to providing safe manufacturing and work environments for their workers. The dyes are low impact and meet ISO and ICHEA requirements, as well as Oekotex standards, making them safe around babies, children and pets.

Our GreenPod® Intelligent Environment interior options include beautiful home furnishings: bed linens, bath towels, robes, shower curtain and bath accessories, and area carpets. The exclusive Mary Cordaro Organic Mattress collection includes duvet and pillows with the option for Forest Stewardship Certified (FSC) wood furniture in the living, dining and bedroom areas. The window shades and draperies provide optimum privacy and sun protection.

Larger square footage house plans are also available utilizing the utmost energy efficiency and aesthetic integrity.

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