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The Benefits of An Energy Audit

Energy Audit:  Saving Energy and Economy

One of the best energy saving tools available today is an extensive energy audit. Whether you are interested in tracking your energy savings for existing projects or simply want to know where your money is going, a solid energy audit combined with a comprehensive energy savings plan can help your company make those critical energy asset decisions.

A qualified energy auditor can help to unearth unnecessary costs and waste.  All of our energy auditors have at least ten years in the business of energy saving and can help your company to make positive energy change. Our audits have proven to save  businesses up to 40% in energy costs!

Who can benefit from an energy audit?   Virtually any company that is open at least eight hours a day.  Office buildings, theatres, schools, hospitals, prisons, banks cemeteries and even tanker ships can benefit from this service.

Whether you are interested in an energy audit and retro commissioning, or whether you want to track your energy savings for projects you have already implemented, we can help you.  Energy audit software is available that can help you make excellent energy management decisions.

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